steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

"Wonderful Things!"

Yesterday I drove to Rugeley and back, which is a long way for me. I was returning to my Aunt Naomi's house (now being cleared by her children), in order to pick up the family archive, of which she'd been the unofficial custodian in her generation. That role, by mutual consent among my various cousins, has now passed to me - more by default perhaps than by acclamation, as I seem to be the one in whom the flame of genealogical nerdishness burns brightest.

I have many boxes of papers to sort through, and photographs, and intriguing objects as well, and over the coming months I'll post anything that I think might be of more general interest here. Amongst other things, I now have in my possession the two books I blogged about here with sadly out-of-focus pictures: I hope to remedy that. But also quite unexpected things, like a wonderful picture that my uncle Dan took of my grandfather in 1957, having his ear bitten by a sparrow.

At least, I think it's a sparrow - any correction gratefully received.

M. C. Butler
Tags: family history
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