steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

A Little Touch of Tollers in the Night

Tom Shippey did a nice review of DWJ's Reflections in today's Time Literary Supplement, I see. A good man, that Shippey.

Perhaps my psyche is getting back at me for not attending the conference at Loughborough, for I've now had two Tolkien-related dreams in three nights. The first, three nights ago, was only tangentially so, but in it I found myself standing next to indefatigable scholar and fan, Jessica Yates, on a balcony overlooking a ritual in which the current queen was ceremonially (yet unceremoniously) dumped on her head by a flunky. Jessica shouted the suggestion that next time she should put down cushions, and the queen thanked her for the advice.

In the second dream, I visited Tolkien himself, in the company of nineweaving. He lived in an attractive country cottage, and was all old-world courtesy. He gave me a copy of a book, underlining passages for my particular attention. A little later we heard he had died, and were melancholy.

[I think this second one may recall a visit I made - not with nineweaving - to the poet Charles Sisson in Langport, about 18 years ago, when he generously gave me his copy of Poly-Olbion.]
Tags: books, what does it all mean?
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