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Will Get Fooled Again

I dislike practical jokes that are aimed at individuals, but have always been a sucker (in every sense) for the elaborate spoofs that broadcasters and newspapers get up to on April Fool's Day. The fact that they are aimed at everyone dilutes the humiliation to acceptable levels.

This morning I woke to a rather nice story on Radio 4's Sunday programme, based on the recent fashion for using real donkeys at Palm Sunday services, which has led - so the story went - to a spate of rustling, and in some cases the substitution of donkeys with llamas (because the prophecy of Zechariah, which Jesus was fulfilling, can be translated as referring simply to a "pack animal").

I've come across several more since - the first email in my inbox this morning was an ad for a machine that would print photographs onto toast - but I'm bound to miss most of them. So, if you've seen a really good April Fool this year, feel free to link to it here, or (if it's not linkable) describe it. I'd like to read it.

Meanwhile, no one knows how to do Relaxed like Jessie.

"As swimmers into cleanness leaping..."

"as swimmers into cleanness leaping" 1
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