steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

Test of British

Thanks to two unconnected posts by different friends this week, I twice found myself taking a British citizenship test.

First, a cut-down version of the official one.

Then, the real one (at least, for Brits of my generation - it does seem a bit biassed to the over 40s).

I failed the first, but got 9/10 on the second. I kicked myself on realizing my mistake, because I did in fact know the answer, but...

... the version of the Colonel Bogey song that I'm most familiar with runs slightly differently:

Hitler has only got one ball
Goering has two but very small
Himmler is rather similar
And poor old Goebbels
Has no balls
At all.

This still seems the best version to me. The Albert Hall, by contrast, is in my mind primarily a storage facility for holes.
Tags: maunderings
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