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More Bullying in South Glos.

Well, here's a nasty little story, of a boy effectively hounded out of his Yate school for being ginger haired, while the school itself did nothing. It's been reported in many places, both UK based (The Metro, The Mail) and international (The Huffington Post).

My sympathies are with the boy, of course. But I notice that, once again, all the reporters have visited the evils of South Gloucestershire upon Bristol. Last year it was the abuse of residents at Winterbourne View, a care home that was routinely described by the BBC and everyone else as being located in Bristol (see my complaints about that here), and now this. Yate is not Bristol, any more than Winterbourne is.

On the other hand, Yate is the birthplace of J K. Rowling; and Winterbourne is where the family moved when she was two. I think she now lives in Edinburgh, notorious as the stamping ground of Burke and Hare. Why can't the press see what the real story is here?
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