steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

The Windy Sin from Africa...

I've always had an idiotic fondness for mondegreens. It's really part of my wider, and even idioticker pun suckerdom. My comfort is that this weakness was shared by Shakespeare himself, much to Samuel Johnson's irritation:

"Whatever be the dignity or profundity of his disquisition, whether he be enlarging knowledge or exalting affection, whether he be amusing attention with incidents, or enchaining it in suspense, let but a quibble spring up before him, and he leaves his work unfinished. A quibble is the golden apple for which he will always turn aside from his career, or stoop from his elevation."

Gotta love Dr Johnson. Anyway, my daughter came up with a good one this afternoon, listening to music in the car: "I've a lasagne on the way," she sang merrily.

Elvis Costello will never be the same again.
Tags: language
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