steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

What's the Green Thing to Do?

Okay, the greenest thing would be to grow my own veg, or failing that use the excellent local organic supermarket, but given that I'm too lazy to do the first, and can't afford to do the second all the time, I often find myself in a supermarket.

When I'm there, I make a point of looking at the Reduced shelves, for food that's near its sell-by date. There are often bargains to be had, and it's stuff that would otherwise be thrown away, so buying it is good for the environment too - a double win.

But a lot of fresh food still gets thrown out by the supermarkets at the end of each day, and this has got me wondering whether it wouldn't be eco-friendly to buy more frozen. Of course, the electricity represents a carbon cost, but less food gets wasted - along with all the energy that went into growing, processing, transporting and (perhaps) chilling that food.

I only have a fridge-freezer, so buying huge amounts of frozen food isn't an option for me, but as a general rule, is it greener than fresh - supposing you're buying from a big supermarket in the first place? I've no idea how to figure that one out.
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