November 8th, 2020


Pokémon Gone

God bless the gods of internet serendipity (and if God and the gods of internet serendipity turn out to be one and the same, so much the better), for bringing to my attention the Nintendo DS game, Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition (known in the West as Pokémon Conquest). I'm sure that Pokémon fans are already aware of it, as it's been around since 2012, but I only just discovered its existence. Not that I actually want to play it, but the Wiki page alone has given me great pleasure.

It's a Pokémon game centred in Japan's Warring States period, in which the player (accompanied by an Evee) travels through sixteenth-century Japan, taking on ever more powerful warlords before a final showdown with Oda Nobunaga himself.

How do you capture Pokémon in this world of bushido? Rather than chuck a Pokéball, "a Warrior attempts to form a link with a wild Pokémon by coordinating button presses with a display, reminiscent of Dance Dance Revolution."

No true samurai would settle for less.