July 9th, 2020


Rowling's Coming-Out Essay: resources

I'm putting these links here for my own reference, but they may be of wider interest. As you can imagine, I've been following the whole Rowling situation fairly closely, and I've seen many responses to it, some good, some not so much. I thought it might be useful to curate some of the more helpful and informative ones and put them in one handy place. This list may be expanded in future (indeed, feel free to recommend additions).

Rowling's essay.

We the Mudbloods: long, heavily referenced, point-by-point refutation of Rowling's essay. NB. It's in three parts, with a link to part 2 at the end of part 1.

Video essay by a cis woman and a trans man (who are also partners). Quite user-friendly for people who aren't particularly familiar with the issues.

Video reviewing the Rowling's essay, and also discussing the ways it may or may not affect the reading experience of Harry Potter fans uncomfortable with the author's views.