January 24th, 2020


Haggis I'll be On My Way

Last year, in an appropriately thrifty way, I bought two haggis for the price of one, to celebrate my birthday (also Burns's) that year and this. Yesterday I discovered, on taking it out to defrost, that haggises can only be safely frozen for one month. What a waste!

As it happens, I bought my daughter and her boyfriend entry to a Burns Night supper event last night, and would have joined them had I not had to spend the night in Glasgow for a PhD viva. In Glasgow, of course, no haggis was to be had - at least that I could find - so I ended up eating pizza. No lambs or cows died to make my mess, although I may have inconvenienced a goat. The haggis proper will have to wait for Burns Night proper - which this year happens also to be the start of the Chinese New Year. I'm still pondering the appropriate accompaniment to complement the tatties.