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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

The Orsino Dilemma
"Someone who turns up the volume when a piece of music they like comes on is no better than someone who, when a waiter brings them something they find tasty, force feeds it to everyone in the restaurant."

a) Actually they are worse, because at least the food person has the generosity to give away something they like, whereas the music person is helping themselves to more.

b) Not quite as bad, because no one ever died of a music allergy. Besides, music is *meant* to be shared. To think of it as a solitary pleasure is to impose a restrictively Western viewpoint.

c) But the same is true of food, so nix to that argument!

d) Also, music and food are interchangeable in Illyria.

These maunderings were brought to you by having something else to do.