November 25th, 2018


Dreamless Winter

I mentioned in my last (I think) that Yume Kitchen has just closed down. Today, as I put on my winter coat for the first time in a while, I found a receipt from February 2015 in the pocket, recording being served there by my friend Midori. This exquisitely emotional moment seemed to cry out, not least because of the requisite seasonal element, for a haiku. Also, I've been musing recently on the possibilities of the kanji 儚 (hakanai), which means 'fleeting' and combines the kanji for 'person' (人 hito) with that for 'dream' (夢 yume). I've no doubt this kind of visual kanji pun is thoroughly exploited in Japanese, though I've not yet encountered it.



Found inside my
Overcoat. People and dreams,
Both are transient.