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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

A Fortuitous Photo
Part of me wants to call this photograph "The Grand Unveiling", because I'm so pleased with the bride and the hotel both pointing at the same thing.

Part of me wants to call it "Sax Before Marriage", because I have a puerile mind.


All Inland Cities Need a Floating Harbour
Today was fresh and showery, but when not showering Bristol city centre was looking rather lovely, and all the pennants on the ships and boats were straining for the sea.

In between various necessary tasks I walked around, collecting more Aardman statue sightings:

The Wallace CollectionCollapse )

It's strangely calming to come down to a city centre and find boats and sunshine. Maybe it's not Venice, but Bristol has its own charm:

DSC01919harbour 3harbour 2harbour 1

If you want a soundtrack for this post, you could do worse than this.