April 20th, 2018


In Which I Visit Pubs for Work


Call that a fridge?

New fridge

That's a fridge. (I think we may have overdone it.)

In other news, it turns out that I was mistaken in an earlier entry, when I assumed that the pub shown on one page of the Ancient Magus' Bride manga was the same place as that shown on the following page. I went to Broadway a couple of days ago to photograph the Horse and Hound (so that I wouldn't have to rely on Google images), but when I tried to find the view that corresponded to this image -

Horse and Hound Broadway 2 manga

- I discovered that it didn't correspond after all.

So, like any good manga detective, I started showing the picture from the manga to various people (publicans, Tourist Information staff and a Police Community Support Officer were among my nonplussed interviewees), taking my search from town to town and village to village. After Broadway I tried Chipping Campden - a ridiculously beautiful place - and Moreton-in-Marsh before finally getting a tip-off that there might be a pub answering to that description in Burford. To Burford then I came, and behold, I found the Mermaid Inn:

Mermaid in Burfotd crop

It was only afterwards that I realised there was even a dog in the right place.

This makes it very clear that the animators were working from the manga drawing rather than real life or a photo, because they've modernised it considerably, getting rid of the pointed arch in the doorway and replacing the ancient windows' stone tracery with wood, metal or plastic, or so it seems:

Horse and Hound anime

In short, the mangaka was in Broadway and Burford, but the animators were only in Bourton-on-the-Water. Case closed.