April 11th, 2018


Somewhere a Boy and His Bear Will Always be Blogging

Today was my last ABBA blog. I've been doing it once a month since it began in 2008, so it's a bit of a wrench. I think I've missed my monthly slot on maybe three occasions: once because I plain forgot, once for illness (that was last summer), and once because of pressure of work. Not bad, over a decade.

Sometimes I've had a bit of a panic about what write in the days up to the 11th of the month, but something's always bubbled to the top. All the same, it takes time to write it, and from the beginning of this month I've taken on Chief Editorship of Children's Literature in Education, so I felt that one of my commitments had to go.

There's also the fact that it's a blog written by children's writers, and I've not had anything published for children in five years.

Anyway, here for my convenience and your possible pleasure are some of my favouriter entries:

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