February 16th, 2018


An Emblem of Themselves in Plum or Pear.

Yesterday the Cotswold project took me back to Fosse Farmhouse, the model for Alice's house in the Kiniro Mosaic anime, in which its homemade jam actually gets a sly bit of product placement on Shinobu's breakfast table...

fosse farmhouse product placement
fosse farmhouse product placement - closeup

I was there to talk about the project with Caron, the owner, but happily my visit coincided with the arrival of a group of young Japanese students studying nearby in Bath, who had come to learn the ancient art of baking scones. Here they are, doing just that, in a scene reminiscent of Alice's and Shinobu's lesson in Episode 1 (that took place in the room next door, but the Homepride flour men are prominent in both):

DSC00501Alice and Shinobu 1Alice and Shinobu 2Alice and Shinobu 3

Admittedly yesterday's students weren't making names in dough, but here are some Caron made earlier:


Anyway, the end result was very good, and didn't taste like a cartoon at all:


The homemade jam was plum, not strawberry; Caron can't grow enough strawberries for the purpose, but has a very productive Victoria plum tree. I point that out purely for the sake of scholarship, but research is seldom this delicious.