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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

Voyage to Japan 2: 3rd-4th April
I had less than a day in Osaka, which was obviously nothing like enough time to do the city justice, so I decided to stick to the area around my hotel, i.e. Shinsaibashi, rather than spend hours on the subway. My tasks were: a) to eat okonomiyaki and possibly takoyaki, and b) the look for souvenirs for my children in the cool part of town.

OkonomiyakiCollapse )

Amerika MuraCollapse )

Neko-chan!Collapse )

Tokyo, ho!Collapse )

Voyage to Japan 2: 5th April
Oyster CultCollapse )

Jinja SeerCollapse )

Hail, SeizaCollapse )

Izakaya Okay!Collapse )