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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

Tasting Notes 1
My good friend Chiho, from Kagoshima, sent me a lovely box of Japanese okashi, i.e. snacks. Here they are, laid out in all their pristine glory.

Calories under the cutCollapse )

I thought it might be fun to provide tasting notes on all the snacks as I work through them over the coming months weeks.

Okay, days.

I will also do my best to decipher the wrappers, but please feel free to correct my translations as they will be unreliable.

umaibouCollapse )

green tea Kit KatCollapse )

Tasting Notes 2
With the help of my daughter and her boyfriend, I'm ready to write up the second round of entries on my okashi box!

Countryma'am CookiesCollapse )

TakenokonosatoCollapse )