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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

Hanko Chief!
My italki friend Chiho-san from Kyushu very kindly sent me this pair of hanko or inkan (I'm not sure whether there's a difference in meaning between these words). These seals are much used by Japanese people when they need to sign their names, and mine, as you can see, come with a pouch and integral ink pad.

One of the seals simply has my name, Cathy, in katakana - i.e. Kyashi = キャシー. The other has a pair of kanji representing the sounds "ka" and "shi". Of course, there are numerous possible pairs of kanji that have those particular sounds associated with them, so I had a choice. The shortlist came down to: 佳志 (roughly, "great faith") and 果詩 ("fruit poetry"). Naturally I chose the latter.


If for some reason you wish to know much, much more about name seals, you find out here. Meanwhile, I'm very pleased with mine!