May 2nd, 2015


Green Shade

Ed Miliband was in Bristol yesterday, speaking at the cricket ground; and today Natalie Bennett was in the pop-up shop the Green Party have opened at the other end of the Gloucester Rd. The glamour of being in a marginal seat!

I was sitting in the window of Lashings, later, marking third-year dissertations, and to judge by the people I saw coming up the road from the direction of the Green Party shop I'd say Bennett's visit was having a galvanising effect:

Collapse )

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My friend Htay, who lives over the road, happened to sitting outside the cafe as the bearded bloke passed by with his rustic marker pen (which appears to have replaced the bladder of yore). Collapse )

I don't know what other effect this experience may have had on her, but let history record that a Green Party poster has appeared in Htay's window in the two hours since this photo was taken.