April 18th, 2015


A Beached Fleet

Today was the first day of the "Withdrawn" exhibition by Luke Jerram, the same installation artist who brought us last year's water slide in Park St and, some time before that, outdoor pianos - both ideas that were exported to many cities beyond Bristol.

This time Jerram has arranged for a small fleet of five retired fishing boats to be brought to Leigh Woods (just on the other side of the Clifton Suspension Bridge) and left there for six months, as if beached by the Flood. It was a lovely afternoon today, so as the shadows started to lengthen I wandered over the bridge to have a look...

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Meanwhile, you will know that I love seeing anime evocations of England, so I was delighted to find the first episode of Kiniro Mosaic, which is very cute indeed in that regard - not least in the English spoken by the English characters. They do seem to have done some pretty good research when it comes to the look of the Cotswolds, though: I felt I'd seen the town before, but I'm not quite familiar enough with the area to be sure.