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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

The Hounds of Heaven
Well, that's strange. I dreamed last night that my mother (in reality an atheist) was advising my brother to convert to Roman Catholicism, "Because of the music." Then she frisbeed a slice of bread into the stream we were all sitting beside and turned to me, adding, "I see you more as a kind of free-floating pantheist."

What's strange? Only that that's the second night in a row that the subject of religious conversion has come up in a dream. The one the night before was so vivid that I went to the trouble of writing it up, and I've reproduced it below the cut. I flip-flopped (in the way of dreams) between being the protagonist and the person being told the story, and I've tried to convey that here....

A Night at the MuseumCollapse )