December 13th, 2014


A Second Helping

I was at the training session for the Christmas homeless shelter today: I enjoyed it enough last year to sign up for a couple more shifts this. This time I'm going to be working in the kitchen, though, rather than front of house. With luck I'll be assigned washing up, an activity I always find satisfying.

My first shift will start at 7.30am on Christmas Day, which I applied for in part because I thought there might not be many takers, but it turns out that I was lucky to get it. Apparently I'm not the only one who remembered the second chapter of Little Women when filling out the application form.

I was impressed with the chef. No doling out stew with a big ladle for him. Highlights from the projected menu include lamb tagine and roasted vegetables with herb and fruit cous cous, as well as rib-sticking puddings and enough custard to drown a duke in - to say nothing of options for people with allergies, dietary restrictions, etc. And there's no limit to helpings, either: the guests there hear the word "No" more than enough the rest of the year.