December 9th, 2013


Misty Moisty Morning

This is the view across the Abbey Green, including most of Romsey Abbey, the vicarage, and my old primary school. I took it first when I was walking into town to do a bit of shopping for my mother, and again on the way back, some thirty minutes later.


A Religious Mystery

My Japanese teacher showed me a volume of Seinto Oniisan, a manga in which Jesus and the Buddha share a flat in Tokyo. It naturally reminded me of Jesus and Mo, in which Jesus and Mohammed (or his body double) share a flat in Britain. The latter began in November 2005, the former some time in 2006. Coincidence? I've no idea.

I suppose, being omnipresent but incarnate, Jesus may be able to justify these multiple pieds-à-terre, but do his roommates know about his complicated lifestyle?