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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

Why I am not Cool (a continuing series)
Every now and then LinkedIn sends me an email with a subject line of the form: "Sukie Brown's New Occupation, and Other Updates from your Network".

Without fail, my brain fools me momentarily into thinking it's the title of a book of short stories. And then I feel a stab of disappointment when I realise it's only real life.

Halloween Miscellany
The year I became aware that Trick or Treat had crossed the Atlantic and washed ashore at Whitby must have been 1984 - my first Halloween in York. Some young boys were brazenly trying their luck up and down the hall of residence where I was living then, though I doubt they got many treats for their pains. Students aren't geared up for that kind of thing.

Tonight was a little dank, but I was still surprised that only one band of marauders knocked on my door, and even they were headed by the girls who live a few doors away - "neighbours' children, that I have seen before". Consequently I have more mini-packets of Maltesers and Milky Way than I know what to do with - except that I know all too well...

I noticed the other day that Tesco has taken to selling bags of small apples (which I suspect they would otherwise have thrown away) as "For Bobbing." Full marks for lateral thinking.

strange_complex's post about The Wicker Man earlier got me to thinking about "Sumer is Icumen In", and hence of course about Bagpuss, the other classic production of the early 1970s to feature that famous lyric. Did you know that only 13 episodes of Bagpuss were ever made? In my memory it is a staple programme of my childhood, but in fact it aired only in the spring of 1974, when I was already a bit old for it - for a period of just three months. Sick transit, Gloria Monday.