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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

You'll wonder where the ideas went, when you brush your teeth with Decadent
This BBC report on an LA restaurant where furniture and plates are made of toilet fittings is my idea of lazy journalism.

"The restaurant owner struck upon the idea after seeing similarly-theme restaurants take off in Taiwan." "Struck upon" is a synonym for "copied" here - so why is it the LA restaurant and not the Taiwan ones that gets the free publicity? They're both a long way from Britain, after all.

Besides, the whole concept is boring. If the toilets really were plumbed in I'd have more respect for it (though God knows I'd never eat there), but having separate loos in another room seems like a cop-out - or crap-out, perhaps. Even if the food were shaped like turds it would have a certain raw authenticity, and be a magnet for genuine coprophiliacs. As it is, it's a third-hand knock off of an overrated idea by Marcel Duchamp.

Blah. Give me a plate of snail porridge, any day.