July 7th, 2013


Paper Cuts

Today was Yume's monthly Japanese culture club - and I admit I'd been dreading it a little, as it was to centre on an origami lesson. Now, aside from a brief but intense phase of making corn dollies back in my nonage, my experience with arts and crafts - including origami - is accurately represented by this cartoon. First I'm lulled into a false sense of security by being asked to fold a piece of paper in half, which seems easy, and then perhaps in half the other way, or even diagonally, at which point I begin to think "Hey, maybe I've got some talent for this!" Then, a twist and flick of the wrist later, my bright new hope is lodged point-first in the rafters like the Sheriff of Nottingham's sword after a bout with Errol Flynn.

There were certainly points at which my putative rose blossom seem destined to become a work of Modernist origami called simply "Scrumpled Paper III", but thanks to the helpful advice of our origami mistress it ended up quite respectable, I think:

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Meanwhile, have you ever thought about what swords really sound like when being drawn?

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