July 5th, 2013


Missing Wimbledon

I don't much care for the way in which female players are Wimbledon are given titles (Miss Williams, etc), while the men are referred to simply by their surname. My mother, by contrast, finds it quaintly charming - but then she has much the same attitude to the monarchy. Admittedly, I might be reconciled to the practice if a professor - or even someone with a doctorate - made it to the finals. "Advantage, Professor Black" sounds kind of cool.

But also, why are women's matches only played over three sets, especially now they earn the same amount of prize money? I can see no good reason for this. "It's because women have less stamina," suggested my mother - but is there any evidence for that? Women's marathons aren't run over 15 miles. Women's football isn't played over 60 minutes. Why should only tennis players get these foreshortened matches?

In other news, I invite you to imagine a version of The Fly in which, instead of Jeff Goldblum and an insect, a cartoon dog is spliced with a nineteenth-century engineer.
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