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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

"To Kill a King" - Alan Garner
There's some as likes to dig up dead kings in car parks; and then there's them as likes to dust them down in archives. Garner's episode of Leap in the Dark sees the light after 33 years:

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Hyperbole and Three Quarters
Okay, I'm probably the last person on the internet to notice this, but - well, yay! I've been checking in now and again for about two years, hoping Allie would follow up her hilarious-yet-devastating post on depression, and now she has - with another hilarious-yet-devastating post on depression.

Curiously, both this and "To Kill a King" (see my last post) are about severely depressed and blocked writers, and both were put on the net on 9th May, 2013. Can this possibly be a coincidence?