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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

Preaching to the Choir
Here we go again.

Leaving aside the outright lies - such as the idea that espousing Catholic teaching will see teachers arrested as bigots - there's this:

"And they fear that Christians who believe in the traditional meaning of marriage would effectively be excluded from some jobs – just as Catholics were barred from many professions from the Reformation until the 19th Century."

Er, no. The ha'penny worth of truth beneath this is that if (for example) marriage registrars are required to register gay marriages as part of their job, then (some) Catholics probably won't feel able to take a job as a marriage registrar. In other words, Catholics will be "barred" from these jobs in the same way that Quakers are "barred" from joining the armed forces. Oddly enough, you don't see Quakers writing hysterical letters to the press about being a persecuted minority.

Telling the Potter from the Pot
I turned on Attenborough's Africa just as they started a section on a Kalahari giraffe. Enter a gnarly veteran of the desert, who's finding it harder to reach the high-up leaves on which he feeds these days, even with the aid of a 50cm tongue. He still gets by, though - and look, he appears to have found a mate!

"Time for the younger rival to make an appearance," I murmured to Jessie. (Jessie ignores the TV most of the time, but she'll sit on my lap for wildlife programmes and watch intently.)

Sure enough, the next shot showed a young male giraffe shimmering towards us through the heat. A mighty battle for mating rights ensued.

How did I know that he would be making an imminent appearance? That's what Jessie would have asked if she'd been able - but what should I have replied? Is it that this is simply what nature is like - a struggle to spread one's genes about? Or is it that BBC wildlife documentaries have a limited set of storylines, and recycle them over and over again? What is certain is that I've seen the selfsame scenario played out a hundred times, by everything from bull seals to iguanadons. Someone's imagination seems a bit limited, but is it God's or David Attenborough's?

Is there, in fact, a difference?