October 4th, 2012


Inappropriate Tics

I am a very shallow person. I feel terrible for the family of young April Jones, especially now it's emerged that she has cerebral palsy and needs medication. I feel terrible for April Jones herself. I'm awed by the way the local community has worked together to try and find her.

But I still can't help correcting the radio every time a BBC reporter fails to pronounce "Machynlleth" properly. What have I become?

Happy Day!

Stewart Lee talking about Children of the Stones (1977)! And it's going to be made into an opera! And there's to be a sequel! What's not to like?

I watched the series at the time, of course, and have it on VHS, but think I may now have to get the DVD as well.

I borrowed the title for a chapter in this book, but listening to Lee's programme makes me realise that I must also have had its opening scene somewhere in my mind when I wrote the opening of Death of a Ghost.