July 2nd, 2012


Olympia, Eat your Eyes Out!

To look at them you would never have known they were anything but the best of friends.

But that's how it is with dolls.

I do not know much about doll stories, but I know that one of my favourites is Rumer Godden's Tottie (1946) - and another is Sylvia Waugh's (to rhyme with "toff") The Mennyms (1993), either of which I would recommend to anybody.

What I didn't know until today was that Tottie had been made into an animated series by the incomparable Oliver Postgate! (When it was serialized in 1984 I was living the life of a postgrad, and it passed me by.)

Heartwarming and chilling, familiar and alien, funny and tragic, stop and motion. Just what you'd expect from the creator of Noggin the Nog, in fact. And the way he handles the humans (though perhaps lovers of Bagpuss would expect it) is, in this context, brilliant.

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