May 15th, 2012


All the News that's Fit to Jack Off To (Because that's What Dead Women are For)

If I posted on every transphobic article or incident I heard about, there'd be little room for anything else on this blog, so mostly I don't. Luckily, in this country there's a very helpful organization called Trans Media Watch, which monitors these things and works to educate journalists and broadcasters. It's a case of two steps forward, one step back, but in the three years they've been in existence, I think they've made some progress. While everyone slips up, when newspapers get it grossly wrong these days they're usually either local papers or else the kind of sensationalist rags you'd expect. (There was a period just after TMW gave evidence to the Leveson enquiry when the Daily Hate made a point of writing a lurid trans story pretty much every day for a fortnight.)

They order these things differently in the United States, however, and it takes me aback to see a newspaper of the New York Times's reputation get things horribly wrong. There was that article on Tiwonge Chimbalanga a couple of years ago, of course, but - well, that was in another country, and besides the wench is... no longer news. And to be fair, the Times was far from alone in screwing up on that occasion, although probably the crassest offender. But what could have possessed them to print something as scurrilous as this piece of victim-blaming, sexualizing, disrespectful, exploitative shit?

I can't even be bothered to deconstruct it, but luckily GLAAD (and others) have done that for me. I've just come here for a little rant.