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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

Feeling Sorry for the Daily Mail
Here are the numbers of trans-related stories logged in the last fifteen days by the excellent Trans Media Watch:

Guardian - 1
Metro - 1
Mirror - 1
The Sun - 4
Daily Mail - 12

Why is the Mail so obsessed, that it feels impelled to publish a new article pretty much every day? Only Paul Dacre can answer that, alas. Meanwhile, the bottom of the barrel has long since been scraped, and we're now staring into the Abyss of Unstory. The hapless hacks must be worried about what to write next, so to keep them going here are a few suggestions for the coming week:

Trans Woman Buys Pint of Milk
Psychiatrists Claim she is trying to Compensate for Lack of "Natural" Breasts

Trans Man Calls in Sick Twice in Nine Months
Personnel Professionals Fear Rise of Fake "Man Flu"

Suburban Garden Infested with Hermaphroditic Snails

Politically-Correct Zoologists Claim it is "Perfectly Normal" - but What do YOU think?

Family With Transgender Parent Complains About Press Harrassment
We Camp Outside Their House Until they Tell Us Why

And finally, a two-parter that can be toggled back and forth day after day after day after day....

Torment of Boy Who Claims He's a Girl
Bullied and Called "Freak" by Schoolmates

Freak "Boy-Girl" Protected by Teachers
So-Called Tolerance "Confuses" Children, say Experts

That should keep them going for a while. But I'm sure there are more that could be added...