February 3rd, 2010


The Google Book Settlement

It occurs to me that I've ranted almost everywhere but here about the Google Book Settlement - nor has it been much discussed on my friends list. Has anyone else been wondering what it's all about, and whether to opt in or out (though of course it's now too late for the latter)? Have I just missed out on all the LJ discussions, somehow?

To me it seems quite monstrous. The most convenient detailed case against it is probably Gillian Spraggs', here; though I also recommend the submissions to the court of Scott Gant, author and copyright lawyer, here (to the original settlement) and here (to the amended version).

I was contacted a few days ago by Benedicte Page of The Bookseller for my views, and I think that she may use some quotes in this Friday's edition [ETA here is the link], but for the full record, here's what I said:
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So, that's my view - but what do others round here think?