steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

Two EU irritations (and then I'll shut up for a while)

On the one hand...

1) The BBC and others continually using "Europe" as a synonym for the European Union. This morning there was a long conversation on the Today programme about "whether Greece would be able to remain part of Europe". That was the usage of everyone involved, including the Greeks themselves. Presumably the alternative is for Greece to be ceded to the Turks and grappled across the Bosphorus? Byron would have conniptions - but the arrogance of this outsized Chamber of Commerce in implicitly claiming the entirety of European culture and history as its peculiar possession is quite astounding.

On the other...

2) The think tank Open Europe talking about repatriating powers from the EU primarily, it seems, in order to strip workers of their rights on pay, working hours and safety and turn Britain into the sweatshop of the world. Their zealotry for helotry may go down well amongst red-braced robber barons, but offers ordinary people every incentive to keep a-hold of nurse.
Tags: current affairs
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