steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

Sods and Odds

So, the boomers, who are already getting their state pension years before the rest of us, are now going to get their work-related pension earlier too. Nice for them, but I can't see the appeal for younger public sector employees, who are in general already being hit harder by the economic crisis than those in their fifties. I imagine that the Government will rely on the fact that younger people are more concerned with paying the mortgage and bringing up their children than with their pension entitlements, and hope that they'll sign on the line for the sake of a quiet life. I predict that's just what will happen.

Meanwhile Sarkozy described Greece's "unilateral" decision to hold a referendum as a matter of regret. Unilateral? The BBC had already been reporting that Papandreou was "summoned" to talks by Merkel and Sarkozy, which seems an odd way to talk about a fellow head of government. Now it seems that it's no longer appropriate for governments to consult their own electorates about important decisions that will hugely affect their lives, without the say-so of France and Germany. There's nothing very sovereign about this debt crisis.

Finally, via Cheryl Morgan, some music and pictures to set up camp inside your brain and refuse eviction... (wemyss, I advise you to avert your gaze and, if possible, ears, for the first few bars.)

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