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The Murders of Two Murderers - a Comparison

I've been away from the internet for a whole day and a half - did I miss anything?

I didn't see much news, either, but I did hear that amongst the people calling for a full investigation of Gaddafi's death is Hillary Clinton:

"I would strongly support both a U.N. investigation that has been called for and the investigation that the Transitional National Council said they will conduct," Clinton told the NBC program "Meet the Press," referring to Libya's interim rulers.

"You know, I think it's important that this new government, this effort to have a democratic Libya, start with the rule of law, start with accountability," she said.

U.N. Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay has called for an investigation into the killing.

There is growing international disquiet about the chaotic scenes surrounding Gaddafi's apparent summary execution following the fall of his hometown of Sirte Thursday.

I don't much like people being shot in cold blood either - or hot. Even when the person is responsible for tens of thousands of murders, a trial has got to be preferable.

But here's what I don't understand. Gaddafi is killed after a chaotic battlefield capture, by people whose families and friends he has been robbing, killing and oppressing all their lives. Result? The UN and others, including the US and UK governments, wag their fingers and call for an investigation and say it would have been better if he'd been allowed to stand trial. But sending a group of assassins halfway round the world specifically to murder an unarmed man and then dump his body in the sea? That's just fine! At least, I don't remember the UN, the Brits, or Hillary Clinton asking for a full investigation into the killing of Bin Laden.
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