steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

The Boy Who Cried "I Pledge to Vote Against Any Increase in Fees"

For anyone worried that free schools might be run for profit, good news! Nick Clegg has made a promise on education funding: "So let me give you my reassurance - I would never tolerate that."

My God, it's almost as if the man imagines he has some credibility left. He rolled over once, and will roll again. The way the wind is really blowing is indicated by Michael Gove's words in the same article: "I don't have any particular opposition to involving any organisation that is going to improve our education, however, we don't need to have profit-making organisations involved at the moment." [my superfluous emphasis]

Anyone interested in collecting ludicrous lies might also savour Gove's claim that "I'm a pragmatist not an ideologue".
Tags: current affairs
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