steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

The End of the Affair

The Chris Jefferies affair, that is - as blogged about previously here. Two cheers, I suppose. (Is "monster" often used as a transitive verb, though? There was no sense that his lawyer was aware that he was coining a phrase.)

In not very related matters, I'm becoming irritated all over again that the media can't make up their mind whether Winterbourne View is "in Bristol" or "near Bristol". In fact, it's in South Gloucestershire. I realise this isn't the most important facet of the story, but they've had long enough by now to get it right. If something bad had happened in Hammersmith, would they keep reporting it as being "in Chelsea" (or "near Chelsea" at best)? The odd thing is that no one ever describes J. K. Rowling (late of Winterbourne) as a Bristol author.
Tags: bristol, current affairs
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