steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

The rest is silence - and vice versa

"Until you learn humility, you will not be able to deal with your lack of self-esteem."

It's not the KJV, but such was the faintly-paradoxical (but actually right-on-the-button) thought that bubbled up unbidden in my brain as I sat in the Quaker meeting this morning. First time I've been since the torrential visit with lady_scrhapnell just over year ago. I'm still thinking it over.

At first I was distracted by the clock just behind me, which ticked in a way that made me (watchless) want to keep looking round and check the time. But after twenty-five minutes the clock stopped, and I was happier after that. I came out feeling less like random flotsam than when I went in - and, suitably humble, don't expect more, in the hope that I may get it.
Tags: maunderings
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