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Two Pleasing Things Heard on Radio 4

Yesterday, in a Glastonbury edition of The Infinite Monkey Cage, Billy Bragg did a call and response with the crowd.

Bragg: Venerable!
Crowd: BEDE!!
Bragg: Venerable!
Crowd: BEDE!!

This was in honour of Bede's supposedly being the first person to notice an association between tidal movements and moon phases, which is - ahem - an exaggeration, but it was still good to hear. Brian Cox was too polite to correct him.

Also, pleasing to Susan Cooper completists: her essay on post-war deprivation, "Snoek Piquante", published in The Age of Austerity (1963), was cited several times in the reading from The British at Table this afternoon - which also had much to say about Raymond Postgate, founder of the Good Food Guide (and, of course, father of Oliver).

I need a third Thing to complete my triad, but will quit while I'm ahead.
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