steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

Weary Bankers

Just had an email from Natwest telling me that cheque guarantee cards will no longer work from the end of this month. However, they add chirpily...

As part of our ongoing commitment to becoming Britain's most helpful bank, we'd like to highlight some convenient ways to pay.

• Debit Card - A quick and safe way to pay for goods and services.
• Direct Debit – A simple, safe and speedy way to pay regular bills
• Standing Order – A hassle free way to transfer money on a set date regularly
• Direct payment – An easy way to make a one off or regular payments in branch, online or using Telephone Banking

Like any of these is going to be of the slightest use for the occasions when I actually use cheques - e.g. paying a plumber to come and fix a leak; or paying a mechanic to service my car; or paying for my child's piano lessons. It's really a choice between keeping lots of cash on me or asking people to trust my cheque won't bounce. Either way, it's a very good day for criminals, whether blue-collar burglars and muggers, or white-collar fraudsters. Oh, and for the banks, of course - but perhaps they're covered by one or both of the above?
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