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Stokes Croft - Judicial Review

Monday found me at the Stokes Croft Tea Party - a gathering of 200 or so brightly-coloured protesters (apart from drab old me) outside the notorious Tesco Store, at which much free cake was given away, and even Tesco's enormous uruk-hai security guards were seen to crack a smile. (I'm in there somewhere, Wally/Waldo like.) The occasion was the forthcoming application for judicial review of the decision to grant Tesco planning permission. That application was heard today in Cardiff, and I'm delighted to say that it was successful! It's only one step on a very long road, but at least this one was in the right direction.

Finally, here's a petition for an enquiry into exactly what happened, and in what order, on the evening of what the BBC is still calling the "anti-Tesco" riot, along with dark references to petrol bombs (see previous posts passim). Until such an enquiry is granted, this cartoon by my friend Dru remains the most eloquent summing up of the evening's events that I'm aware of.
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