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Google Books Settlement, Thy Name is Ian

Remember the Google Books Settlement? There was a degree of rejoicing back in March when Judge Chin ruled against this project of mass piracy, but the rejoicing in the UK was muted because it was known that David Cameron (one of whose closest aides, Steve Hilton, happens to be married to Google's head of European Communications) favoured something similar here, and we were waiting to see what would be the result of Ian Hargreaves' report into copyright and intellectual property.

That report was published a few weeks ago, and at first caused few ripples. However, the indefatigable Gillian Spraggs has now been through it, and demonstrated that under its baggy tarpaulin of vague and ambiguous language lies a new and shiny Google Book Settlement Mark II.

If you care about intellectual property (your own or other people's) take a few minutes to read her post here.
Tags: current affairs
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