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The Plastic "Oh No!" Band; and, "To Be"

ETA: Spoilers for "The Almost People" below...

Well, I don't know. Surely there was plenty of time for everyone to get into the Tardis without any need to sacrifice the plastic versions of the Doctor and Whatsherface? All they had to do was amble the twenty yards from the locked door to the Tardis, and all would have been well. Instead they spent a good two minutes arguing about it - almost as if the idea of having two versions of any individual person was too much to cope with.

And why did Jen suddenly turn into a monster? And - and - if being in the Tardis is enough to make plastic people human, why didn't that apply to Amy? And anyway, what makes it okay to squish plastic Amy, when the previous episode has been all about showing us (albeit clumsily) that plastic-people-are-people-too-and-who-are-the-real-monsters and so on?

Not happy, in short. The "Almost People" just didn't think things through, but worse it didn't feel them through either. But still intrigued by the obstetrical episode seemingly promised us.

But the best part is that it inspired me to see if I could find a Youtube version of the philosophical cartoon To Be, which I first watched twenty years ago. And it's there - a far more interesting and clear-headed exploration of the issues raised by tonight's episode. And, because it's Canadian, it has a bilingual cloning device!
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