steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

More Wikkan Writings

Out of curiosity, I had a look at my brother's Wiki page to see if it had been put through the same mill as mine (sibling rivalry never dies). His still looks pretty clean, but since I last visited he has sprouted an extra "fact", namely: "his cousin is the former royal butler Paul Burrell."

This is news to me! Puzzling, too. It's not funny enough to be a joke, but it's hard to see how anyone could seriously have got this idea into their head. We don't even have a cousin called Paul. Could our surname have confused the hapless editor? We do have a cousin who's the Duke of Westminster's PA, which I suppose is in the same ball park, but she bears no resemblance at all to Princess Diana's grovel-and-tell publicity hound.

The ways of Wiki are strange. I'm tempted to correct the page, but even more tempted to leave it alone.
Tags: family history, real life
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