steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

Age is "Just" a Number?

A few years ago I was delighted to realise that I, my three children and my father, all had ages that were square numbers. As of today, which is my son's birthday, and for a couple of months to come, I am three times his age, four times my daughter's, and six times my cat's.

Does anyone else find this sort of thing weirdly comforting? Does anyone else, when presented with data points in this form, feel compelled to work out the ages of all involved, and exactly how long ago the square number thing was true? In short, did I watch too much Ask the Family in my nonage? (Note, the clip I have linked dates from towards the end of the programme's lengthy run: it didn't always have such slick production values...)
Tags: maunderings, real life
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