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Panem et Circenses

I heard that Stokes Croft had been blocked off (yet) again, so wandered down there this afternoon. It was at least more low-key than some recent events, though there was still a superfluity of riot shields, police vans, etc.




At last, some real dialogue.

It's enough to make you turn to drink

It's enough to make you turn to drink.

Orlando Gibbons - Street Cries

Orlando Gibbons's setting of London street cries has long been one of my favourites, but here is his most famous madrigal, turned into a street cry of a different kind on the hoarding opposite Telepathic Heights, itself now "improved" by steel shutters across its windows:


At least the police have a sense of irony:

A sense of irony

In other news...

Twenty-five police arrest a couple of pensioners and someone in fancy dress for intending to take part in street theatre.

Only selected crowds were allowed to gather in London today.

According to Laurie Penny, the police have been using the excuse of the Middleton/Windsor wedding to clean up protesters and scruffy customers of all stripes, on the pretext that they might - who knows? - be planning to disrupt the happy event: "The royal couple can rest safe in the knowledge that they are being protected from cooking workshops and mother-and-toddler yoga sessions."

Facebook has been purging the accounts of protest groups such as UK Uncut.

By the way, isn't it terrible, the crackdown on protests that's going on in Syria? Aren't you glad nothing like that happens in this country?
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