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North, Eastercon, South, Rest

I woke with a bit of a sore throat this morning. That may not sound like much, but being unused to anything but Supreme Good Health I look askance at the slightest variation from that admirable pattern. Despite this, I bravely drove up to Eastercon in Birmingham, where I took part in a panel on Diana Wynne Jones with fjm amongst others, spoke to friends including jemck and swisstone, saw owlfish and rozk but not to speak to, and scuttled straight home to a hungry cat, whom I propitiated as best I could.

One thing I mentioned during the panel at the request of DWJ's family, and which I may as well repeat here for the better dissemination thereof, is that, contrary to reports (including mine in The Independent), DWJ did not die of lung cancer. The mistake is understandable, because at the time we all became aware of it the cancer was indeed attacking her lung. Also, she did smoke heavily both before and after surgery. However, the primary cancer was ovarian. It had been successfully treated several years before, or so they thought, before coming back in an aggressive form.

For the record.
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